Test Measurement Instruments

3-axis Tesla meter TM-4300

The Tesla meter TM-4300 is 3axes Tesla Meter that has precision and high analysis function. The TM-4300 can measure the Magnetic Flux density of the 3 axes direction simultaneously.
Also the TM-4300 can indicate the result about the 3-dimensional vector, the size and the direction of Magnetic vector on the display after analysis will be completed.
Moreover, when you will use TM-4300 together with Magnetic Analyzer, you are able to see details of Magnetic Flux visually.

Standard type accessory probe 3DP-1315

The exclusive probe for 3-axis Tesla meter TM-4300. The size is world’s smallest of width 1.3mm × thickness 1.5mm × length 40mm.


Mesurement Range 40mT (400G)/ 400mT (4KG)/ 4T (40KG)
Minimum resolution 0.01mT (0.1G)
Display 4digits (MAX. diplay 4100)
Impedance or inductance by frequency DC~500Hz (-3dB)
Accuracy ±0.5% Full scale: range of measurement
Output Analog ±4 V / digital RS232C (Corresponding to USB)
Utility of using 0〜40℃ (Divice body)
Temperature factor 0.06%/℃ (TYP)
Power supply AC100V-220V±10% 50/ 60Hz Approx.25VA
Outer dimensions 260W × 162H × 360D mm