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RUMAX-21C, originally developed by Magna after years of research, is the first six pole rumen magnet with its strong magnetic force.

An Innovative product, Magna has its patent exclusively in U.S.

For protecting the cow’s stomach from a harsh environment, stock farmers in US insert a cow magnet into its stomach and leave it there for the cow’s entire life. RUMAX-21 is the first rumen magnet to produce a strong magnetic grip by combining ferrite magnets and intesifier plates. Moreover, the abrasion resistant tube design with plates and magnet capsules protect them from sand, stones and porcelain chips under muscular contraction (at a rate of 1.8 times per minute)

Closed magnetic circuit in combination with ferrite magnets and intensifier plates is RUMAX -21C’s biggest feature.?

RUMAX-21’s powerful, uniform grip with its six poles holds long, sharp-pointed ferrous objects parallel to its length whereas conventional magnets have magnetic attraction on both ends which allow objects to stick out from those ends only.


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