Test Measurement Instruments

Tesla Meter TM-4702

Our new product named tesla meter model TM-4702 is able to measure the flux density. Range between 0.01mT to 4T on DC or AC, which are magnet material, transformer, and etc. Standard function mounted auto zero point controller, RS-232C output (interface) and indicate tesla international measurement (SI) in a display.
Also, it is usefull multi-Tesla Meter mounted the comparator peak-hold functions.

Standard type accessory probe FC-150

FC-150 ( width1.5mm × thickness 1.2mm )

Optional Probes that attach to TM-4702

Addition to standard type probe, FC-150, different sides of probe can be employed.

Ultra superfine Pribe FC-075 width 0.6mm × thickness 0.28mm

The world’s smallest size probe.

  • FC-075L (Ultra superfine width 0.6mm × thickness 0.28mm with 50 mm point)
  • FC-1506 ( width 1.5mm × thickness 0.6mm)
  • FC-300 ( width 3.0mm × thickness 1.8mm)
  • AC-156 (φ6 type)
  • AC-153 (φ3 type)


Mesurement Range 40mT (400G)/ 400mT (4KG)/ 4T (40KG)
Minimum resolution 0.01mT (0.1G)
Display 4digits (MAX. diplay 4100)
Impedance or inductance by frequency DC~5KHz (-3dB)
Accuracy ±0.4% Full scale: range of measurement
Output Analog ±4 V / digital RS232C (Corresponding to USB)
Utility of using 0〜40℃ (Divice body)
Temperature factor 0.06%/℃ (TYP)
Power supply AC100V-220V±10% 50/ 60Hz Approx.25VA
Outer dimensions 260W × 112H × 360D mm