Applied Products

Silicon Rubber Magnet

  1. Magnetizing process, carried out after silicon rubber molding, allows easy handling.
  2. Comes in unique and various shapes.
  3. Free from damaging furniture surface.


Magnet embedded in silicon rubber (sample product)

  • Magnets embedded in molded silicone rubber simplefies its production process and lowers producting cost
  • Silicone rubber coating prevents damaging furniture surface
  • Prevents Nd-Fe-B magnets from rusting
  • Strengthens ferrite and Sm-Co magnets and prevents them from cracking
  • Requires lower molding cost than plastic magnets
  • Variety of shapes can be made by your originative order

Silicone Magnet

It was coated with silicon plate catch you open the countersunk screw holes directly to the Nd-Fe-B. Silicone rubber coating prevents damaging furniture surface. Prevents Nd-Fe-B magnets from rusting.

Code Dimension Magnet Holding Power M Color
NCS-20R 20φ × 3.5φ × 5 Nd-Fe-B 1.2Kg 3 Black
NCS-24R 24φ × 4.5φ × 5 Nd-Fe-B 2.2Kg 4 Black

Silicon Hook Magnet

  • Free from damaging furniture surface.
  • Charming four different colors.
  • Strong holding force upto 6.5kg.
  • Silicon coating makes the hook harder to slide.

(ABC letters are optionally attached)

Model Dimension Holding Power Magnet Color
N kgf
47L 49.03 5.0 47 × 30 × 10 (t) Nd-Fe-B Black
66H 137.29 14.0 66φ × 10 (t) Nd-Fe-B Black

* The magnetic absorption is value ​​for reference.