Applied Products

Magnets as Teaching Materials

Safe and easy to use Magnets at schools or family houses, such as Horseshoe magnets, Bar type magnets with N/S letter marked, or colorful magnet memo holders.

Polyamide coated memo holder

Memo holder appearance of the colorful polyamide coat.
Using a new powders technology and assumed it a product of a more refined surface treatment. 30mm dia. and 18mm dia. are our off the shelf product. The favorite color waits for the demand that Magna can produce.

Shape Color
Round type (30Ø) Five colors : Yellow / Blue / White / Green / Red
Round type (18Ø) Eight colors : Yellow / Blue / White / Green / Red / Black / Pink / Orange

30φ × 7

18φ × 9

Magnet Memo Holder

Stronger Magnetic force than current holder. Nylon coated surface that prevents cracks. Arrow.

  • Eight colors available. As both sides are coated equally, single colored logotypes can be printed on either side.
  • pat.1943986
Shape Color
Heart Red
Star Blue
Arrow Yellow

Magnet Memo Holder (with plastic cap)

Shape Color
Round (30Ø) with plastic cap
Round (18Ø) with plastic cap

Bar Magnet (Ferrite)

Shape Size
Square bar (Isotropic Ba-Ferrite) L 10 × 14 × 50mm
Square bar (Isotropic Ba-Ferrite) M 9 × 9 × 50mm
Square bar (Isotropic Ba-Ferrite) S 5 × 8.5 × 35mm

Bar Magnet (Alnico)

Two types of Alnico Bar Magnet are available, round bar type and square bar type.

Shape Size
Round bar (Alnico) L 25φ × 150mm
Round bar (Alnico) M 20φ × 150mm
Round bar (Alnico) S 10φ × 100mm
Square bar (Alnico) M 10 × 15 × 100mm

Horse-Shoe Magnet

A horse shoe magnet with its fundamentally magnetic characteristics is most appropriate for teaching material.

[Isotropic Ba-Ferrite]

L × W × T
42 × 38 × 7mm
30 × 30 × 7mm


L × W × T
75 × 40 × 5mm
100 × 50 × 6mm
125 × 60 × 6mm
25 × 28 × 8mm