Test Measurement Instruments

Test measurement instruments including light and compact Gauss Meter with high-performance, a portable Magnetic Field Calibrator and a Magnetic Field Viewer Sheet.


Tesla Meter TM-4702

Measurement of the flux density ranging between 0.01mT to 4T on DC/ AC.
Ultra superfine probe F-075 width thickness 0.28mm can be attached.


3-axis Tesla meter TM-4300

Measurement of the magnetic flux density of the 3 axes direction with high analysis function. As a magnetic analyzer, it displays details of magnetic flux visually.


Produced on order

A portable calibrator using permanent magnet, compatible to our in-house Gauss Meter.(from MG-401on)


Magna Viewer ®︎ / Viewer sheet

These products show the magnetized outline of various magnetic materials.
Card-sized types and sheet-sized types are available.