Privacy Policy

Magna Co., Ltd (“Magna” hereafter) will handle and appropriately protect, in line with this our policy for protection of personal data, customers’ personal data provides to us by them via inquiry forms on our web site or vis e-mail.

  1. Magna will acquire customers’ personal data subject to clarification of the purpose of acquisition. Personal data thus acquired will be used for the sole purposes of the originally identified applications.
  2. Magna will not provide personal data of any customer of ours to any third party without the customer’s prior consent.  Also, we will enforce appropriate measures to prevent illicit access to, loss, damage, falsification, and/or leakage of any piece of personal data.
  3. Magna will not only comply with legislation and other norms concerning handling of customers’ personal data, but continue to review our policy for protection of personal data for improvement to meet the then most recent environmental situations.