Technical capabilities


Using a magnetic field measurement device, data of magnetization properties such as surface inductive flux are analyzed.

Magna performs the distribution measurement of the surface magnetic induction of the rotary, liner type magnet. The suggestion of the magnet which fitted a use more precisely is possible.

Standard Chart

Rader Chart

Example -Radar Graph display 6pole parallel magnetized for ring magnet.
*Standard graph display basic 2D graph as measurement dataIt is possible to display same data as radar graph as cylindrical

Quality control by using the lastest B-H tracer

A B-H tracer is a device that can directly measure basic magnetic characteristics of a magnet (demagnetization curve). Magna Co., Ltd. has introduced the latest B-H tracer, which makes the quality control astonishingly effective by always checking the magnetic characteristics of a product and enables us to supply magnets of higher quality to users.

Digital Force Gauge

Torque Meter

Constant-temperature Oven

High-performance Gauss Meter

Flux Meter

Digital LCR Meter