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Axial Type Probe MG-801AXL is excellent to measure a magnetic flux of air core coil and for high frequency of use, due to its durability comparing with he Standard Type Probe (Transverse type).

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Other models are not compatible.


  1. Excellent to measure a magnetic flux of air core coil.
  2. High frequency of use as MG-701AXL wears better than the Standard Type Probe.

Note: Since the Axial Type Probe has a gap, about 0.5 mm approximately, between the magnetic flux sensor and an object to be measured, the measured value can be different from that of Standard Type Probe (Transverse type).

How to use

Plug the Axial Type Probe MG-801AXL into the gauss meter.

This is the way to measure an axial magnetic field density whose magnetic direction is indicated on the picture.

Contact vertically with the target object and consider the maximum value as measured value.

The sensor is positioned in the center of the probe head as indicated on the picture. An accurate value can not be measured out of the point.

To train on a target point, use the angle indexes as a guide, which are marked on each 90 degree around the head.

The sensor is not separable from the head. Also do not overpower the head as indicated direction on the picture, it can cause failure.

Note: With respect to its general use, please refer to the instruction manual for the gauss meter as it is the same as that of the Standard Type Probe, except the preceding measuring methods.
*Probe in Photos above for showing how to use is MG-701 Axial probe.


  1. The product is composed of precision parts and components. Due to careless handling or a strong shock the product may be damaged or lost.
  2. The product is neither splash-proofed nor waterproofed. It is not recommended to use the product under conditions of humidity.
  3. Please note that we shall not be held responsible for any damage or lost profits or any claims from the third party resulting from the use of the product.