Handy Tesla Meter MG-801/ Related Products

Handy Tesla Meter MG-801

With high reputation, handy and high performance,
MG-701 has made large improvement including USB connection with PC and 3 way power supply system that enables continuous device operating.

Free PC control application downloading



Allows PC Operation with digital output through USB

  1. Mearured data is read by PC and also PC can operate measuring through USB connectiont.
  2. Highly inovated Free PC control application.

*USB cable sold at stores, required.

Power saving system and AC power supply allows longer continuous device operation

  1. Battely life incresed 23% allowing 160 hours continuous device operation.
  2. 3 way power supply system with batteries, USB and AC power supply.

*AC adapter sold at stores, required.

  • Sampling speed is improved 1.5 times when measuring in the hold mode.
  • Mode Accuracy of high resolution for measurement on DC magnetic flux density, is now improved.( compared with previous product )
  • Range covering frequency for measuring AC magnetic flux density is expanded.(40 – 500Hz)

*Measured data is now “mT” exclusively in compliance with the unit specified by the Measurement Law.


  • Digital and analog output terminals are provided. ( Analog cable with 3.5 mini plug sold at stores is required )
  • The probe has been reduced in width further to enable measurement in a very limited space.
  • Small size and light weight of 250g.
  • Large and easy-to-read display.
  • A wide measuring range from 0 to 3000 mT. (Direct current)
  • The high resolution measuring mode ensures more accurate measurement. (Resolution 0.01 mT =0.1 G)
  • High dustproof by use of sheet keys.
  • The auto power off function prevents useless waste of the battery.
  • The probes can be replaced without troublesome calibration.

Axial Type Probe MG-801AXL is available (optionally)

Excellent to measure a magnetic flux of air core coil and for high frequency of use, due to its high durability.

to Axial Type Probe MG-801AXL page

Free PC control application

Mearured data is read by PC and also PC can operate measuring through USB connectiont by using a custom made PC control application (free downloading). *USB cable sold at stores is required.

Free PC control application downloading


MG-801 Specifications
Model MG- 801
DetectingContents DC magnetic flux densitypolarities (N,S)
AC magnetic flux density (40 ~ 500Hz)
Measuring mT
Indication Range 0 ~ 3000mT
Measuring Mode
Ueasuring Range
Analytical Ability
Measuring Mode Measuring Range Analytical Ability Indication Accuracy
DC × 1 ※ 0 ~ 200.0mT 0.1 mT ±(5% of rdg. + 3 digit )
200.1 ~3000.0mT 1 mT ±(5% of rdg. +10 digit )
DC ×10 0 ~ 300.00mT 0.01mT ±(5% of rdg. + 5 digit )
AC × 1 ※ 0 ~ 150.00mT 00.1 mT ±(5% of rdg. +20 digit )
150.1 ~ 300.0mT 0.1 mT
301.0 ~ 1500.0mT 1mT
Function Zero reset Polarity indication
Max.detect value hold Auto power off (can be canceled)
Output USB communication port /output (Analog)
Mode Detect value Numeric value (digital)
Polarity Alphabets (N/S)
0 ~+40 ℃
Display LCD
Power Source Battery SUM-3 (1.5 V) X 4 pieces DC5-6V adapter input/ USB
Dimension Height 140mm(5.51) x width 64(2.51)mm x thickness 30 (1.18)mm
Mass Approx.250 g/0.54 lb (including batteries and probe)
Accessories Probe, batteries and carrying case
Option Axial Type Probe MG-801AXL, Standard Magnet MG-SMF

*The measuring ranges are automatically selected.