MG-801 Free PC Control Application

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This is free software and can be used and distributed freely. When using/ distributing the software, however, be sure to follow the precautions below:

  1. The owner of copyright of the software is MAGNA Co., Ltd. For distribution for commercial purposes or uploading to your website, permission of the copyright owner must be obtained.
  2. When distributing the software to a third party, distribute it together with this manual. The third party is considered to have agreed to the terms and conditions for use shown when the software is downloaded by reading this manual.
  3. The copyright owner shall not be held responsible whatsoever for any troubles caused by the use of the software. Thus, the copyright owner shall provide no financial or material security.
  4. Please note that questions about software installation procedures or usage and requests for modification or improvement are not accepted.
  5. The software may be updated without notice. Please note that program disclosure and on-site services are not supported.
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